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After years of testing different products Trojan now only uses Trojan Concrete Sleepers. They come in a range of colours and finishes and we can sleep at night knowing we’ve used the best product on your retaining wall.

All our structural sleepers we use come in different ranges and lengths. Our standard sleeper is 1800mm (200mm x 75mm – thick) weighing approximately 68kgs each and also use 2400mm sleepers for jumping sewer and storm water mains (200mm x 120mm – thick) weighing approximately 125kgs. The sleepers are steel reinforced and manufactured to engineer standards.


We also now have 1500mm sleepers (150mm x 50mm – thick) available. These concrete sleepers are designed for walls up to 1.0 m in height, requiring no engineering.

Grey Concrete Sleepers

Woodgrain grey sleepers, in natural grey concrete.

Charcoal Concrete Sleepers

Mimics the look of natural timber, with a charcoal coloured oxide mixed through the concrete.

Lizard Skin Concrete Sleepers

Earthy brown look, with a brown coloured oxide mixed through the concrete.

Splitface Sandstone Concrete Sleepers

Textured face sleepers, with a sandstone coloured oxide mixed through the concrete.

Galvanised Steel Posts

Perfect for use on boundary lines or in tight spaces.

Fence Brackets

Attach a timber or colour bond fence directly on top of your retaining wall.

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